How to solve the tripping problem of asphalt mixer

Asphalt Plant
When the asphalt mixer is in an idle state, the vibrating screen has a tripping phenomenon, and it has been unable to start normally.

In order to avoid affecting the construction progress, it is necessary to timely repair and repair the asphalt mixer to avoid serious problems.

After the tripping of the vibrating screen of the asphalt mixer, we replaced the new thermal relay for the first time, but the problem has not been alleviated.

Moreover, there is no power generation problem during the inspection of resistance, voltage, etc., where is the source? After eliminating various possibilities, it was finally found that the eccentric block of the asphalt mixer vibrating screen jumped very sharply.

The original key is here, so only need to replace the vibrating screen bearing, and re-install the eccentric block, then when the vibrating screen is started, everything will be normal, and the tripping phenomenon will no longer appear.

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